Treatment Prices

FROM 1st APRIL 2024 My prices are:

60 mins £62
90 mins £92


FROM 1st NOVEMBER 2024 My prices will rise to the following:

60 mins £67
90 mins £97


Please do get in touch if you feel you are in need of concessionary prices. I sometimes have daytime spaces available for those eligible for concessions.


My cancellation fee is 50% of the cost of your booking duration.
Life happens and sometimes that means you have to change an appointment. If you need to do so, please ensure to call/text/email me (or do all 3!) before it reaches 24 hours prior to your appointment to let me know of a change. This helps to avoid me needing to pass costs to you. Room rental fees, for example, are fully unrecoverable 24 hours before your appointment time. Therefore, please do try to inform me well before this deadline in case I am in another treatment and only pick up your message later.

Cancel fees are payment for unrecoverable overheads such as non-negotiable room rental fees, and loss of income from an appointment that could have been given to someone else. Being self-employed means that these are costs that I must pass on to you when you are unable to make your appointment at the last minute.