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Tired of massages that do nothing?
Was your last massage an ineffective skin skimmer?
Need help saying goodbye to your aches and pains?

Experience a massage that is less a switching off, more a switching ON of your awareness to everything that you are. Give yourself the gift of space and be facilitated towards relaxing into meeting who you are in your own body, your mind, and your emotions.

No matter who you are – someone keen on your sports & fitness, or in need of post-operative or post-injury support, seeking nourishing respite from a busy and stressful life, or you have a challenging health condition that you’re working with – come experience how massage can help you return to your flow.

Deep Bodywork

…is all about unbearable pain and hard pressure. Or is it?

Let me show you how Deep Bodywork is a 3-way engagement between you, your body, and your bodywork therapist.

I use sustained, intuitive pressure to guide your awareness into areas where you hold deep muscular adhesion and restriction. I facilitate your engagement in good communication and relaxed wakefulness as you dialogue with your body throughout this deep process.

I am trained in a variety of remedial massage techniques such as myofascial release, soft tissue release, or NMT, to alleviate pain and facilitate your body’s journey back to balance and wellness.

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Hi, I’m Petrina and I’m your massage therapist here at Sravayatti Holistic Therapies. My working life started off in the global corporate world and took in experiences across nearly every industry under the sun – biochemistry, economics, finance & accounting, and most recently technical IT. I once lived a life of rigid structure, tied to my desk and to a schedule dictated by someone else. Now I’ve left that world to pursue my heart’s calling … read more